you are still the one

i still love you | words from the soul
words from the soul

Dear My,

I still love you with all my heart and all my SOUL. I still have the same tender feelings for you, those deep emotions and each morning whenever I wake up you are still always on my mind.

I can’t forget how we fell for each other and how we yearned to see each morning and those cozy nights. For me, you will still remain that one whom I had always always loved Truly Madly Deeply.

you are still the one
open your eyes and feel my words
you will still find me during day and night
like a sunshine you came in my life
and I tried hard to make you stay
if destiny is what that has planned for
you will still find me waiting
those dark starry nights,
that moon under which our thoughts laid together
that rainy days,
during which I wrote and you read quietly my words
will still be there
even if you are not around
even if you had departed completely from me
you will still be a part of my SOUL
forever & forever

Wish you could be mine…


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