why do husband want dinner every single night?


why do husband want dinner every single night?

Wife: Honey, what would you like to have for dinner tonight?

Husband: Anything babes… whatever you like

Wife: If you could suggest me something, I would love to cook that for you

Husband: Ummm… after a pause, “Let’s have fish tonight”

Wife: Not possible, darling, its Tuesday you see, no non-veg today

Husband: Okay, prepare some porridge with some oats in it

Wife: Nooo, we had it already 2 days before, not again!

Husband: How about rice with some lentils?

Wife: Rice in dinner??? Do you want me to put on those calories again???

Husband: Then, how about some salad?

Wife: I don’t have all the vegetables available at the moment

Husband: Then what are you planning to prepare in dinner

Wife (humor /sarcastically): Anything for you honey… lol


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