even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise


Yes, it’s true but it won’t happen all by itself unless you won’t push yourself. The urge to live life does comes from our inner self and we all need some motivation, some driving force to drive our inner self, our urge to live and enjoy life.

We all have our ups and downs in life but life doesn’t stops here. The show must go on. Here I go with one of the true real life inspirational stories.

You remember the case of Charlie Chaplin, the famous English comedian? Of course, no one can forget him. He was just so adorable. He had a really tough childhood, poverty and without father. Even his mother was under severe depression that she could hardly take care of him and had been hospitalized several times and even his mother had to spend most of her time in a mental rehabilitation center. His full name was Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin rose to fame in the field of silent entertainment. He struggled hard for his living and he even had to abandon the school after her mother was sent to a mental asylum.

motivational stories of Charlie Chaplin
A teenage Chaplin in the play Sherlock Holmes, in which he appeared between 1903 and 1906

This is where he began to perform on stage for the first time at the age of 13 and started his journey in the area of acting and later took to silent acting which undoubtedly became so popular that he began to be known as the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin. The journey wasn’t so easy for him. He did several stage shows and participated in small dramas and did theater and earned just meager amount that could hardly earn him bread and butter. His poverty, his mother’s deteriorating state which made him extremely sad, and yet never expressed grief. His motivation led him to rise even after long period of struggle. During which his mother also left the world.

Soon, after his initial success when he was 18, in July 1907, he was known as the famous comedic performer. It wasn’t so simple even then. He still faced few failures but he never stopped. Few more years of struggle and he was even featured in comic strips and he was a popular artist all over the world and had huge offers from various production houses and soon he was a part of the big screen.

Chaplin was attacked in the British media for not fighting in the First World War. He did try to clear his stance but this led to his downfall for short period where his few contracts ended abruptly and he was forced to leave America. He later entered Switzerland where he finally settled there and rose again to the popularity.

He was no less than the Phoenix bird who rose from its ashes again and again.

Be like a Phoenix bird, after all this one life is all we have. Motivation is one thing but an urge to fight is another thing.


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