never leave a true relationship for few faults


Saturday noon, when the sun was at its full peak, shining brightly, she went to her room where she shut herself up in her room and spent hours in dressing herself. By this time she had completed all her daily house chores and her intrinsic motivation had completely taken over now.

She had been married H-A-P-P-I-L-Y for 6 years to a business tycoon and had been blessed with twin sons. Both were 5 by now. Natti had never been out on a long trip somewhere post her delivery. She had been busy oscillating between her motherhood and her domestic life while making sure her husband never left late for his office at sharp 8:15 am.

As the business had started to grow, the things weren’t going as before when they were newly married. Samuel had to travel a tougher road since his brand was now gaining an international recognition. Tours, conferences, late night social get-togethers, Samuel hardly had any time left for Natti who had now started to feel suffocate then and felt demotivated.

One day Natti decided to quit her married life where her husband had hardly any time for her and even the kids were being brought all alone as by the time he reached back home, the young ones had already settled. She thought of moving out from this relationship or continue to lead a homely life with no social circle because of the twins and domestic life.
One fine evening she sat on a chair and hurriedly turning out the pages of a magazine without any interest and partly bored and partly frustrated from this monotonous routine. She came across a women’s adventure group to experience new places… staying in a tent… cool cloudy weather and bonfire at night. She needed a change and that’s where when she decided it’s the time.

She questioned herself: if not now, when??? She wanted to get back her lost motivation.

She took a compulsorily off from her monotonous routine, booked the package and planned for the adventure. She didn’t even seek any permission from her hubby as she clearly knew she won’t get it owing to the responsibilities on her shoulder. She just informed him and packed her things and left at 8:45 pm for her flight. The kids had their full-time maid. Samuel was supposed to return by 9:30pm as per his usual routine.

When he reached back he didn’t realized that Natti actually left for the tour as he never took her aspirations seriously. For the next full week, Samuel was working from home and half pissed off and half tired managing the kids in his wife’s absence.

This is what all women should do. Never leave a true relationship for few faults. Why spoil your relationship?

Why should boys have all the fun!!!

In a relationship, one person is always right and the other person is the husband for sure.


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