my blood type is O Negative (O-ve)


The other day I was waiting for the induction process to begin by an IT company where I was hired for the position of Content Writer. The induction was postponed for thirty minutes later.

There was this girl who was hired as an Assistant Accountant into the Finance Department. We all had been waiting for the induction to start.

Meanwhile, we two planned to have a cup of coffee from the pantry. I talked, she talked. We briefed about our background and our families and where do we come from… blah blah blah…

She had something in her, this is what I felt previously but later as I began to know her I realized she was just as ordinary as me. The only difference being, I am 38 and she is 29. Like me, she too had her part of the struggles but we both had lot of positivity inside us.

Slowly we started to talk about ourselves, how much do we understand the environment around us, the color of our aura and that the presence of negative and positive energy around us. She talked and talked and went in detail… many things going over my head since I never believed in such things.

Then she started, “You have got a mix of both negative and positive energy around you.” Anxiously, I said, “Is it?” … “How can you say so?”

Then she replied, “I am a motivational speaker and also had been practicing tarot card reading since last 6 years. So I can clearly tell that from your face and I can feel that aura around you.”

“Ah! I see”, said I.

During the entire conversation so far, I didn’t felt that she isn’t matured or maybe someone who doesn’t understands life. In fact, she was quite sensible and soft-spoken and had a great English accent unlike me.

She went on, “I feel, you are very anxious about the things in life… you keep on haunting yourself with questions of curiosity and that you are mostly not calm and that you attract more of negative energy around you. You always have questions running across your head and when you don’t find answers, you quit and that brings more negativity within you.”

“Hold on… hold on”, said I.

I said, “That’s just a normal human tendency and that many of us are like that. Secondly, if I don’t find answers, I never quit. My search for the truth continues and during all this time I am always clear-minded and a very self-contended soul with lots of positivity inside me.”

my blood type is O-ve | phoenix bird
phoenix bird


I wanted to add further but I avoided as I didn’t wanted to indulge deep into such conversations for I know I am a highly optimistic person in life and had been like a Phoenix bird who have always risen from its ashes and also have seen lots of prosperity… after all who doesn’t goes through ups and downs and struggles in life?”

No, I just said to myself so I stayed mum… just nodding my head and raising my eyebrows partly in agreement partly surprised.

She continued further but was not able to convince me.

I am an optimistic person not because my blood type is O positive. I had a friend of mine who had struggled a lot in his life. His blood is O negative and we both were similar in many aspects. Similar kind of struggles, same friend circle and same IT field… We both were introverts. When I see his life, he settled quite earlier in his life both personally and professionally. Me, on the other hand, I am already married and well-settled, and a self-contended soul just like him but my professional life dwindled a lot until I got this job where I am happily settled; it’s been more than a year now.

To be honest, I’ve never been able to understand how this negative energy harms me, where does it comes from, how the positive energy around me gets converted and starts playing evil on me. I have realized and experienced no color of aura around me. While this could be practically true with many but with me I have never believed in them.
I always carry positivity with me.

I feel there’s no negative and positive energy around us or we attract so. It’s not about changing our environment or people we are bounded by or because I might be carrying too many apprehensions within me for everything wherever I go.

I strongly feel, it has always been about changing your own thoughts and being positive and staying optimistic in life.

There is nothing like negative or positive energy or no color of your aura. Sometimes, we just become a prisoner of our thoughts and this is how we attract what we want to see around us happening. We demand sympathy, we find excuses to escape from the very situation and we seek that which actually wastes our time. Everything is around us and within us and the universe is always backing us; we just need to self-realize ourselves and our potential and continue having positivity within us.

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