into each life some rain must fall


into each life some rain must fallSunday and the month of September. It was very cold in the morning. The sky was clear, no sign of rain. Whenever it rains in Bangalore, the traffic comes to a halt, the roads can be seen jammed. I woke up to those sweet beautiful chirping of birds, which I heard after a long time. Don’t know where these birds had disappeared until yesterday. Sometimes it rains unexpectedly.

It seemed a good day, I had slept properly last night but something was still missing. Not the sex, of course. Something that soothes my soul. I felt I was incomplete. I started my busy day with a cup of hot Nescafe. I usually prefer tea in the morning but today just for no reason felt like having a cup of coffee. Coffee is my Sunday motivation.

Sunday, busy??? Yes, grocery, small pending tasks, cooking for family since everybody will be home today and maid’s week off… blah… blah… blah.

I wrapped my hair into a quick messy bun and smelled the aroma of the hot tantalizing strong coffee. For me if the coffee isn’t strong, it’s not a coffee at any cost.

…and yes, I felt fresh but it never happens like that. Coffee gives a high kick be it during any part of the day. Don’t understand why it didn’t happen today. I was partly in a good mood, partly confused.

“Get up, honey… get up you li’le monsters. Time for breakfast”… and I sang loudly. I love Sundays after my hectic schedule and those monotonous week work days. I am with everyone at home and though I don’t love to cook, still I sometimes enjoy cooking for them. Today was that good day.

“Thank God, sweetheart” said my hubby.

He was pissed off from eating outside. He wanted something simple but homemade today.

The afternoon passed and by this time I had almost finished all of my weekend chores.

The evening clouds have started to gather. They were turning darker and the sky looked like a scrambled egg as if it was just about to pour. I ran into the balcony to take off all the clothes I had washed today. Tomorrow I shall send them for ironing.

In no time, it started to rain. Oh! My God, what a feeling it was. The sweet smelling first cool evocative breeze.

The scent of the soil immediately as the first drops of rain fall on them and you just feel like melting down. This is the smell that makes me lose my senses and I am completely drowned… just a feeling when you pour the thick chocolate syrup onto the ice-cream and layer by layer, it seems as if the chocolate too is romancing with itself and you just enjoy the dance moves, the swirl and the round and round it goes. Just the same feeling I get because of this aroma of wet soil and the smell of the rain and the goose bumps you get.

Isn’t it fascinating? I just feel like… like… I am actually not able to express them in words but it just takes away your heart and as the rains started pouring heavily, those silvery little drops that fall you on cause your heart to sparkle fills the moment with joy. Your happiness doubles.

This pleasant smell and the rain and the entire scene are like the clouds romancing with the earth. It’s like the dance of the two SOULS. It’s a beautiful romance, a rainy love story and you feel like being a part of it.

I started to feel complete.

My kids couldn’t go down to play so one enjoyed the sketching and the other is fond of reading books. My hubby enjoyed the hot piping tomato soup with butter and garlic bread sticks. My kids love the soup. Their nostrils began to get wet with the smoke of the hot soup… lol.

What a feeling it is?

I guess this feeling was missing since long. It not only rejuvenates you but relaxes and soothes your unstable thoughts. You become creative… don’t you? After it rained whole last night, this next day I feel as if I am filled with new ideas.

Since I am from a creative background, my mind fills with new ideas. I perform well at work and the productivity is good too.

How bout’ you?


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