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Our life is like a story. We go through various stages in our life. We crave for love, we need some motivation, some driving force and we are constantly seeking inspired. We have feelings, emotions, and we wish to be with someone who can understand us. If somehow we lose the zest in our life, our life becomes meaningless.

We are all living a robotic life, getting up early in the morning, leaving for work, struggling at our workplace, hardly no time for our family, for us, and no love for our near and dear ones. We must stop surviving and start living.

We are all looking for some inspiration from the outside world but hardly do we realize that the real power lies in ourselves. The key to happiness is within and if we can change our inner self, we can do wonders in life.

This blog is all about finding the happiness, changing ourselves, and how we can achieve the state of being happy and self-contentedness. As you browse through the different sections of this blog website, you will come across various stories inspired from the real life and you too will realize that it is time to step forward and make a change. Always ask yourself if not now, when?


If you like the stories, like it, share it, tweet it and keep coming back here for new stories. We would be updating the blog regularly.

Hope you enjoy your journey here at “romance with the SOUL”

Feel free to write at and know your comments.

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